We have helped sell thousands of boats, and superior customer service, but with the feel of having your best friend on the inside track of the business transaction, knowing he’ll be there to help you through is priceless! Our staff is experienced and here to help you every step of the way.

icon-new   Marketing

We have a tried and tested marketing strategy to sell your boat. We work face-to-face,  make phone calls to our clients list, in addition to advertising on 7 local/national websites to sell your boat

Asking Price

We can help you identify the best  price for your boat, based on its condition, age and the current market. Identifying the best price quickly can help ensure a quick turn around when finding a buyer.


icon-boat-3   Sea Trial

Possibly the best part of our job is taking your boat on a “showing” to a potential customer. We will do a dry test run or a test run on a local lake. This way the buyer can see the boat in action.


icon-hand   Negotiation

Having a professional working on your behalf can help with negotiation situations, and ensure a smooth transaction.


icon-boat-2   Boat Transport

If you can’t bring your boat to us, we will pick it up for you. Simple contact us and we will transport your boat directly to our lot.